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Fishing Iceboxes & Coolers

For unbeatable freshness on your fishing and boating adventures, look no further than our Infinity Fibreglass fishing iceboxes and coolers. Trusted by anglers and boaters for over 30 years, these rugged companions are designed to endure the Australian outdoors. With superior insulation for ice that lasts up to 15 days, choose Infinity Fibreglass for your ultimate adventure. Keep cool and keep your catches fresh – it's the choice of enthusiasts who demand the best.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fishing Iceboxes & Coolers

How does the Infinity Fibreglass range keep my catch fresh during fishing trips?

Our Infinity Fibreglass iceboxes feature superior insulation, ensuring your ice stays frozen for up to 15 days. This means your fish remains fresh and ready for the grill even on extended fishing journeys.

Are these iceboxes suitable for boating adventures?

Absolutely! The Infinity Fibreglass range is designed to endure the rugged conditions of boating in Australia. They're sturdy, reliable, and perfect for keeping drinks chilled and snacks ready during your boat outings.

What sizes are available in the Infinity Fibreglass range, and which one is right for me as an angler or boatie?

We offer a range of sizes from 30L to a massive 200L. The choice depends on your needs and the duration of your trips. Smaller sizes are great for day trips, while larger ones are perfect for longer adventures with more catch and supplies.

How easy are Infinity Fibreglass iceboxes to clean after a day on the water?

Cleaning is a breeze! The smooth fibreglass surface makes for easy maintenance. Just rinse and wipe them down, and they're ready for your next adventure.

Why should I choose Infinity Fibreglass over other iceboxes for my fishing and boating needs?

Infinity Fibreglass iceboxes are a trusted choice among anglers and boaties for over 30 years, and they come backed by a solid 5-year warranty. Their superior insulation, rugged build, and extended ice retention set them apart, ensuring you have the best experience on the water, whether fishing or boating.

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