Low Profile Fridges: Understanding What Fits in Your Ute Tray

Low Profile Fridges: Understanding What Fits in Your Ute Tray

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Exploring the Versatility of Dual Cab Utes and Portable Fridges in Australia

Have you ever wondered why dual cab utes, affectionately known as “utes” in Australia, are the vehicle of choice for the rugged adventurer and the urban dweller alike? There’s a story behind every ute—a tale of toughness, practicality, and the Australian spirit of adventure. As one ute owner put it, “It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a companion for life’s journeys.”


The Ultimate Guide to Fitting Portable Fridges in Your Ute

Utes are not just about transportation; they’re about a lifestyle. Whether cruising through city streets or tackling the outback, these vehicles are synonymous with the Australian way of life. And what’s a road trip without fresh food and cold drinks? That’s where portable fridges come in, turning your ute into a home away from home.


Types of Ute Trays and Their Fridge-Fitting Capabilities

Tub Liners:

  • Protection and Challenges: Ideal for preventing damage, but consider the space limitations due to wheel arches.

Roller Covers:

  • Security with Style: Offers a sleek look and security but be mindful of the height restrictions.

Soft Tonneaus:

  • Flexible and Convenient: Easy to use for everyday carry, yet the flexibility may limit fridge size options.

Hard Top Lids:

  • Robust and Roomy: The best of both worlds, providing ample space and protection for larger fridges.


Considerations for Fitting Fridges:

  • Measure Twice, Fit Once: Ensure your fridge dimensions align with your tray type.
  • Weight Matters: Check the weight capacity to keep your fridge secure on the go.


The Rise of Low Profile Fridges

Slim, sleek, and designed to fit snugly in your ute tray, low profile fridges are the answer to space-saving without skimping on cooling power.

Height Advantage of Popular Models:

Suitability for Dual Cab Utes:

  • Space Savers: These fridges are the ideal match for utes with limited vertical clearance.


Advantages of Fridge Slides:

  • Ease of Access: Fridge slides transform the way you interact with your portable fridge. By allowing the fridge to slide out towards you, you can easily grab a drink or snack without having to climb into the back of your ute. This is particularly beneficial when you’re in a hurry or if you have physical limitations that make reaching into the back of the ute challenging.
  • Space Optimisation: With a fridge slide, you can utilise the space above the fridge for additional storage. Since the fridge can be moved outwards, you don’t need to leave space above it for opening the lid, which means more room for other essentials.
  • Back-Saving Design: Lifting heavy items from the back of a ute can be strenuous on your back. Fridge slides allow you to pull the fridge out to a more convenient height, reducing the strain on your back when loading or unloading items.
  • Secure Travel: Fridge slides come with locking mechanisms that keep the fridge securely in place while you’re driving. This prevents the fridge from moving around, which could lead to damage to both the fridge and the vehicle. We also recommend securing your fridge using fridge tie downs.
  • Versatility: Many fridge slides are adjustable and can accommodate various fridge sizes. This means if you decide to upgrade your fridge, you may not need to replace the slide, saving you time and money.
  • Enhanced Camping Experience: When you’re out camping, convenience is key. Fridge slides make it easier to access your food and drinks, which means more time enjoying the outdoors and less time fussing with storage.


    Fridge Slide Compatibility and Installation Tips

    Determining Compatibility:

    • Know Your Tray: Measure your tray, considering all factors that affect fridge and slide placement.
    • Clearance and Capacity: Ensure your fridge and slide fits comfortably and your tray can handle the load.

    Tips for Proper Installation:

    • Steady as She Goes: Use robust mounting solutions to keep your fridge and slide in place.
    • Balance is Key: Evenly distribute the weight for a smooth ride.


    Transforming Your Ute Tray for Adventure

    By understanding the nuances of ute trays and the innovative design of low profile fridges, you’re now equipped to choose the perfect fridge for your outdoor escapades. Remember, the right fridge can make all the difference in keeping your adventures fresh and exciting.


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