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Hard Iceboxes

Got a weekend jaunt or a day out with your mates lined up? EvaKool's got the hard ice boxes that'll sort you out. Perfect for anything from a bush camping trip to a day on the sand, these little beauties are top-notch when it comes to insulation, keeping ice frozen for up to ten days. Available in a range of sizes, they're built tough to take on the Aussie elements and keep your tucker and drinks nice and cold. What's more, they're handy to lug around and sturdy enough to sit on. Choose EvaKool hard iceboxes, and you'll be set for any outdoor shindig.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Hard Iceboxes

How long can these hard iceboxes keep my food and drinks cold?

With insulation that's the bee's knees, our hard iceboxes can keep ice for up to ten days. That means your food and drinks will stay fresh and chilled whether you're out camping for the weekend or spending an extended time at the beach.

Are these hard iceboxes suitable for the Australian climate?

You bet! Designed to handle whatever the Aussie weather throws at 'em, these iceboxes are up to the task in heat, humidity, and even coastal conditions. So whether you're in the Outback or chilling by the surf, these iceboxes won't leave you high and dry.

What sizes are available, and how do they cater to different needs?

We've got an array of sizes, catering to whatever your plans might be. Need something small for a quick outing? Or maybe you're planning a big family getaway and need more space? Either way, we've got an icebox that'll fit the bill.

Can these hard iceboxes be used for seating?

Too right! These iceboxes are sturdy enough to double as a seat when you need it. So next time you're in need of an extra perch at the campsite or beach, just grab your icebox. It's a 2-in-1 deal!

Why should I choose EvaKool's hard iceboxes for my outdoor cooling needs?

When you go with EvaKool, you're choosing quality and reliability. These hard iceboxes are designed to withstand the tough Aussie climate while delivering top cooling performance. With a range of sizes and the bonus feature of doubling as a seat, they're a reliable and versatile choice for all your outdoor occasions.

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