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Icekool Series

Get amongst it with EvaKool's Icekool Iceboxes—your ultimate chill mates for any sort of outdoor gig. Be it a bush camping trip or a lazy day on the sand, these iceboxes promise to keep the cold ones, well, cold, with ice lasting up to a solid ten days. Crafted with Aussie weather extremes in mind, they come in various sizes to fit your every whim and fancy. Boasting features for easy transport and tough-as-nails construction sturdy enough to serve as a makeshift chair, Icekool Iceboxes give you a no-fuss, dependable way to keep your tucker and drinks cool as a cucumber. Put your faith in EvaKool's Icekool Series for top-shelf portable cooling, no dramas.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Icekool Series

How does Icekool manage to keep ice frozen for up to a whopping ten days?

With its top-notch insulation and clever design to ward off outside heat, the Icekool Series can hang onto ice for as long as ten days. So you can trust that your food and bevvies will stay frosty, no matter how long you're out and about.

Can Icekool Iceboxes hack Australia's wildly varying weather?

Too right! These iceboxes are engineered to cope with the full gamut of Aussie conditions—from coastal humidity to the scorching outback sun—guaranteeing they won't let you down, wherever your adventures take you.

What size range does the Icekool Series offer, and how do I pick the right one?

The Icekool Series offers a spread of sizes to suit all sorts—from solo wanderers to the whole family clan. Just factor in the size of your crew, the duration of your outing, and how much grub and drink you're planning to bring along, and you'll find the Icekool Icebox that's right up your alley.

Can I really use my Icekool Icebox as a chair?

Fair dinkum, you can! These iceboxes are built sturdy enough to do double duty as a convenient seat, adding another layer of usefulness and flexibility to your outdoor shenanigans.

Why should I go for the Icekool Series for my cooling needs?

When you opt for the Icekool Series, you're choosing a proven, dependable cooling solution that delivers the goods—long-lasting ice retention, a range of sizes, and the bonus of being sturdy enough to sit on. Icekool Iceboxes are your go-to for keeping everything chilled during your outdoor escapades. Trust in EvaKool's Icekool Series to turn every adventure into a chilled-out affair.

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