Infinity RF Fibreglass Series

Fancy a bit of luxury in your outdoor life? The Infinity RF Fibreglass Series from EvaKool is a game-changer, built right here in Australia to lift your outdoor experiences to a whole new level. With sizes that range from 47L to 110L, these aren't your average fridge/freezers. Think of them as the Maroochydore of portable cooling: breathtaking, resilient, and absolutely unforgettable. Whether you're taking to the seas off the Sunshine Coast or going off-road in a 4x4, trust in EvaKool's 30 years of top-notch Aussie know-how.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Infinity RF Fibreglass Series

What makes the Infinity RF Fibreglass Series the bee's knees for outdoorsy types?

This series isn't just a fridge; it's a luxury experience. With its non-porous finish, it keeps your food and drinks fresher than a morning swim at Mooloolaba Beach, without any lingering smells. With customisable sizes between 47L and 110L, these fridge/freezers are as versatile as a Sunshine Coast summer—perfect for any adventure you've got lined up.

Can it handle the tough Aussie conditions?

You betcha, certainly! Built with the Sunshine Coast's variable weather in mind, this series can handle anything Australia throws its way. Whether you're up in the Glass House Mountains or down at Kings Beach, your food and drinks will stay perfectly chilled.

What's on offer for customisation?

Well, where do we start? You can get Marinising for an extra layer of protection against salt and spray, change the direction your lid opens with End opening customisation, or even switch the motor side with Right-hand motor customisation. Throw in an ultra-premium protective cover, and you've got a fridge/freezer that's as unique as you are.

What's the wait time for one of these beauties?

At EvaKool, quality's our middle name. Each Infinity RF Fibreglass Series unit is made to order, with a standard two-week build time. That's just enough time for a quick jaunt to Noosa and back!

Why should I go with EvaKool for my cooling needs?

Let's keep it simple: 30 years of Australian-made quality and a dedication to customer satisfaction that's as solid as the cliffs at Coolum Beach. With our in-house service and repair team, we've got your back long after the sale's done. So why wait? Get out there and explore Australia—the EvaKool way!

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