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Platinum Soft Cooler Series

Get the most out of your outdoor adventures with EvaKool's Platinum Soft Cooler Series. Designed to tackle Australia's diverse conditions, these soft coolers offer solid ice retention, keeping your food and drinks chilled for up to 24 hours. Choose from 15L and 25L capacities to fit your needs, perfect for a variety of outings. These coolers come packed with handy features like waterproof zippers and modular storage options. The double-stitched shoulder strap makes carrying easy, and let's not forget the built-in bottle opener to kick off a good time.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Platinum Soft Cooler Series

How long can the Platinum Soft Cooler keep my stuff chilled?

The Platinum Soft Cooler can keep your eats and drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours. So whether you're off to a beach barbie or a bush picnic, rest assured you'll be enjoying cold bevvies and fresh food all day.

What are the storage capacities available in the Platinum Soft Cooler Series?

The Platinum Soft Cooler Series comes in two convenient sizes: 15L and 25L. Whether you need to hold 44 cans or 11 wine bottles, there's a size to suit your needs.

How easy is it to carry the Platinum Soft Cooler, and what features enhance its portability?

Carrying the Platinum Soft Cooler is comfortable and effortless, thanks to its double-stitched shoulder strap. Plus, the cooler's modular load-carrying equipment and moulded cup holders add to its convenience, making it a versatile choice for various outdoor activities.

Are there any unique features that set the Platinum Soft Cooler apart from other coolers?

Absolutely! The Platinum Soft Cooler is packed with features tailored for the outdoor enthusiast, including waterproof zippers to keep your contents dry, moulded cup holders for stability, and an in-built bottle opener for a touch of celebration. It's not just a cooler; it's a complete outdoor companion.

Is the Platinum Soft Cooler suitable for the demanding Australian climate?

Yes, the Platinum Soft Cooler is designed specifically to endure the harsh Aussie climate. Its robust construction and ice retention capabilities ensure that it will perform optimally, whether you're in the scorching Outback or enjoying a coastal breeze.

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