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Australian Made

Ready to step up your Aussie adventures? Dive into EvaKool's Aussie-as collection of gear, all crafted right here on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. We're talking 30 years of expertise rolled into every piece of gear—from ice boxes to high-tech fridge freezers. So, whether you're a bushwalker, a road tripper, or the family's designated caravan captain, our Australian Made line offers you the full package. Chuck trust in EvaKool, and we'll be your top mate on every outback journey.

Frequently Asked Questions: Australian Made

What makes EvaKool's Australian Made products unique?

Look, we're not here to muck around. Our Aussie Made gear is conceived, crafted, and finessed on the Sunshine Coast, drawing on a solid 30 years of keeping tinnies cold and steaks fresh. When it comes to the great Aussie outdoors, we know our stuff.

Can I trust the quality of EvaKool's Australian Made collection?

You bet! Our Aussie Made range showcases pure local craftsmanship, built to withstand whatever the land Down Under throws at ya. Count on EvaKool to be your reliable co-pilot, whether you're tackling the dusty outback or chilling by the coast.

Are these Aussie Made products good for family getaways?

Absolutely, mate! Our gear’s got something for everyone, from the little tackers to the oldies. Ice boxes, portable fridge freezers—you name it, we've got your family adventures sorted.

Tell me about these fridge freezers. What's so special?

Glad you asked. Our Infinity Fibreglass Portable Fridge Freezer is the bee's knees, made for tough Aussie conditions with a heat-resistant fibreglass shell. For those craving more down-to-earth adventures, the Down Under Portable Fridge Freezer won't let you down. And for those tight on space but big on adventures, our Platinum Drawer and Upright Fridge Freezers fit the bill perfectly.

Eco-friendly features, anyone?

Fair dinkum, we care about this beautiful country just as much as you do. Our Aussie Made line is geared towards energy efficiency and sustainability, so you can explore guilt-free. Got more questions on our green creds? Hit us up!

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