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Down Under Series

Ready for an experience as thrilling as a climb up the Glass House Mountains or as iconic as a sunset over Noosa Heads? Meet EvaKool's Down Under Series. Ideal for family escapades, caravan excursions, and 4x4 adventures, these locally-crafted fridge/freezers are like your personal tour guide to Australia’s rugged terrains and breathtaking coasts. Designed and assembled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, the Down Under Series is the epitome of Australian ingenuity and reliability. Adventure is calling, and EvaKool is your ticket to the extraordinary!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Down Under Series

What Sets the Down Under Series Apart in Outdoor Settings?

Crafted in Australia's own Sunshine Coast, these fridge/freezers are your trusty sidekicks for every adventure. Outfitted with high-end Secop compressors, energy-saving LED lighting, and a rugged design, they're ready to accompany you, whether it’s a beach BBQ, mountain camping, or a family outing. The dual-zone feature lets you maintain the perfect temperature for both food and beverages. Simply put, it’s the Hugh Jackman of outdoor cooling—versatile, reliable, and oh-so Australian.

Is the Down Under Series Energy Efficient?

Absolutely, just like how a master surfer gauges the waves at Noosa Beach for optimal ride efficiency, our fridge/freezers come with an Economy setting to conserve battery. You can even switch off one side to further reduce energy use.

What Sizes Are Available in This Series?

The Down Under Series comes in a range of sizes, from 50L for those intimate family picnics, all the way up to 95L for when you’re the life of the party. Plus, removable baskets add an extra layer of convenience and flexibility.

How Does the Series Ensure a Secure Connection During My Travels?

We’ve got you covered with a plug-and-play Anderson-style connection. It’s as steadfast as Hugh in a Wolverine fight scene—there's no chance it'll disconnect, even on the bumpiest of trails.

Can I Protect My Down Under Series From Wear and Tear?

You sure can. We offer top-of-the-line protective covers that not only insulate but also reflect heat like they're made of adamantium. They come in various sizes, from 50L to 95L, and are tailored specifically for the Down Under Series.

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