Infinity Fibreglass Series

G'day, adventure seekers! Meet EvaKool's Infinity Fibreglass Series—the crowning glory of 30 years of top-notch cooling solutions designed for every true-blue Aussie outdoorsperson. Whether you're wetting a line or chilling at the beach, these fibreglass beauties are built like a brick outhouse to withstand the toughest Aussie conditions, offering ice storage that can go the distance—up to 15 whole days! With sizes spanning from a handy 30L to a massive 200L, these boxes are a cinch to clean and haul around. So, if you're in the market for the crème de la crème of iceboxes, look no further. Chuck your trust in the Infinity Fibreglass Series by EvaKool, and be part of our 30-year legacy of quality and innovation in keeping Australia cool.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Infinity Fibreglass Series

What makes the Infinity Fibreglass Series a cut above the rest?

The Infinity Fibreglass Series is EvaKool's flagship, bringing together 30 years of smarts in crafting the ultimate in durable, high-insulating cooler boxes. Custom-made to tackle Australia's harsh landscapes, it's not just an icebox; it's your reliable co-pilot in every adventure.

Can the Infinity Fibreglass Series really keep ice for that long?

You betcha! With its top-of-the-line insulation technology, the Infinity Fibreglass Series can keep ice for an impressive 15 days. Whether it's a quick weekend jaunt or a full-blown expedition, rest easy knowing your tucker and drinks will stay as cool as you are.

How do I pick the right size from the Infinity Fibreglass Series?

The Infinity Fibreglass Series has got something for everyone, with sizes ranging from a modest 30L up to a whopping 200L. Whether you're flying solo or rallying the whole crew, you'll find the ideal size to keep your provisions cool, all while enjoying the premium features that put this series in a league of its own.

Is the Infinity Fibreglass Series truly an Aussie design?

Strewth, it is! We've poured 30 years of Aussie ingenuity into the Infinity Fibreglass Series, tailoring it to the unique demands of our sunburnt country. When it comes to homegrown quality and innovation, this series is the duck's nuts.

Are these iceboxes easy to look after?

Too easy! The Infinity Fibreglass Series is a breeze to maintain. Its smooth insides make it simple to clean, and its rugged handles make carting it about a piece of cake. So, for a combo of style, function, and sheer convenience, you can't go past our Infinity Fibreglass Series. It's the top choice among outdoor buffs far and wide.

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