Drawer Fridge Freezers

Embark on your next adventure like a seasoned pro with EvaKool's Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer. Crafted to tackle Australia's harsh and unforgiving climate, this beauty keeps your drinks and tucker ice-cold, thanks to its top-tier Secop compressor and superior cooling system. With internal LED lighting, a no-nonsense LED display, and a design that can stash up to 48 cans, this is not your average cooling rig.

Here's the kicker: it's specifically engineered to slide right into drawer systems in 4x4s, canopies, and campers, making it a seamless addition to your off-road setup. Plus, with temperature performance ranging from a balmy +10°C right down to a frosty -16°C, you can rest easy knowing this fridge freezer will keep your essentials chilled or frozen, no matter where you're headed.

Made right here in Australia for our unique conditions, it's your reliable cobber for every beach bash, camping escapade, or weekend trip with the mates. Choose EvaKool and chuck the worry of warm drinks straight out the window.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Drawer Fridge Freezers

What makes the Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer a perfect choice for travellers?

EvaKool's Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer is designed with Aussie adventurers in mind. With a world-renowned Secop compressor, 48-can capacity, internal LED lighting, and easy-to-read LED display, it offers reliable cooling and practical features. Its compact design and secure Anderson-style plug make it an indispensable travel companion for various outings.

Can this drawer fridge freezer handle the Australian heat?

Absolutely! This drawer fridge freezer is made in Australia and specifically designed to endure the country's harsh heat. Its superior refrigeration system ensures that your food and beverages stay icy cold, no matter the weather conditions.

How easy is the Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer to clean and manage?

The Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer offers easy cleaning and efficient storage. Its thoughtful design and quality build mean you can effortlessly maintain its appearance and functionality, ensuring a seamless experience whether you're at the beach or spending a weekend with mates.

What's the storage capacity of this drawer fridge freezer, and can it accommodate different types of beverages?

With a 48-can capacity, the Platinum 40L Drawer Fridge Freezer provides ample space for your favourite drinks and food items. Its versatile storage system allows you to keep various beverages icy cold, making it suitable for different occasions and preferences.

How does the internal LED lighting and LED display enhance the usability of this drawer fridge freezer?

The internal LED lighting and easy-to-read LED display enhance the usability by providing clear visibility of the contents and easy control over the temperature settings. These features are designed to offer convenience and accessibility, making your travel experience more enjoyable and fuss-free.

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