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Iceboxes & Coolers

When it comes to seizing the Australian outdoors, EvaKool’s Iceboxes and Coolers are your ultimate allies. Built for the adventurer who relishes both the thrill and tranquility of nature, our line-up delivers cooling performance that you can trust. Wherever you find your paradise—be it the rugged bushlands, pristine beaches, or the open road—EvaKool ensures your journey is refreshingly elevated. Choose the cooler that understands your adventure because with EvaKool, your exhilaration meets reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Between Infinity Fibreglass, IceKool, or Platinum Soft Coolers?

Crafted for discerning adventurers, EvaKool offers you choices that fit your lifestyle. Our top-of-the-line Infinity Fibreglass series packs up to 15 days of cooling endurance in sizes ranging from 30L to 200L, making it your go-to for extended quests. For everyday explorations, our IceKool series holds its chill up to 10 days in sizes from 15L to 132L. And if you're on the move, our sleek Platinum Soft Coolers deliver up to 24 hours of chill time in nifty 15L and 25L sizes.

How Long Will My EvaKool Keep Ice?

In the Australian wild, endurance matters. Depending on your model, expect up to 15 days with Infinity Fibreglass, 10 days with IceKool, and 24 hours with our Platinum Soft Coolers. No matter your journey, EvaKool's got your chill.

Can I Enhance My EvaKool Experience With Accessories?

Absolutely. We offer a robust range of add-ons, from ergonomic handles to drainage systems and rugged latches. Designed to elevate your outdoor escapades, these extras ensure your EvaKool companion is well-equipped for the long haul.

How Versatile Are EvaKool's Coolers and Iceboxes?

From camping to boating to your backyard soiree, EvaKool’s range has been engineered to adapt. Each model is designed with a specific adventure in mind, offering you versatility that meets quality and durability.

Why Trust EvaKool?

With 30 years in the game, EvaKool isn’t just a brand; it’s a symbol of Aussie endurance and innovation. When you choose EvaKool, you're choosing a legacy of quality that’s built for the unique challenges of the Australian environment.

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