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Fridge Freezers

For 30 years, EvaKool has been the brand Australians turn to for reliable cooling on their outdoor adventures. From the Down Under Series to the Explorer Series, our products offer efficiency, durability, and style in a range of sizes from 47L to 110L. Whether you're headed to the outback or taking it easy on the coast, EvaKool has got you covered. Go ahead, explore the unknown with confidence; we've got a fridge freezer that won't let you down.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fridge Freezers

What Sets EvaKool's Fridge/Freezers Apart for Outdoor Enthusiasts?

We've been in the game for three decades, offering fridge/freezers built to handle Australia's diverse terrain. Features like dual-zone functionality and high-quality Secop compressors ensure that you're well-prepared, whether you're camping, exploring, or simply enjoying a weekend getaway.

Can EvaKool's Fridge/Freezers Handle Both Refrigeration and Freezing?

Absolutely! Many of our models provide the flexibility of both refrigeration and freezing. This ensures that your favourite food and drinks stay at just the right temperature, and with user-friendly controls, managing it all is a breeze.

How Reliable are EvaKool Fridge/Freezers in Tough Outdoor Environments?

Our fridge/freezers are engineered to be resilient. With features like rust and corrosion resistance, heavy-duty components, and complete insulation, they're designed to perform reliably, no matter where your adventures take you.

Looking for a Quiet Fridge/Freezer. What Can EvaKool Offer?

We understand that the serenity of nature is part of the outdoor experience. Many of our fridge/freezers operate with minimal noise, so you can fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings without any distractions.

How Easy are EvaKool's Fridge/Freezers to Maintain?

Our units are designed with convenience in mind. They have easy-to-clean surfaces and drainage systems that simplify maintenance. Plus, self-diagnostic fault systems keep you updated about your unit's condition, ensuring that your EvaKool fridge/freezer stays dependable for years to come.

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