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Portable Fridge Freezers

Step up your outdoor game with EvaKool's Portable Fridge Freezers collection—your ultimate mate for camping, caravanning, and all sorts of adventures. From the robust Aussie flair of our Down Under series to the high-end Infinity RF Fibreglass range, and the adaptable Explorer series—there's a perfect fit for every adventurer out there. Designed right here in Caloundra, Australia, these fridge freezers carry 30 years of expertise, promising top-notch performance, energy-smarts, and unbeatable quality. Go ahead, explore our Portable Fridge Freezers and find the reliable companion you've been looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions: Portable Fridge Freezers

Why should I go for EvaKool's Portable Fridge Freezers over others?

Our Portable Fridge Freezers are Aussie-designed and custom-built for various types of outdoor enthusiasts. From the family-geared Down Under series to the premium Infinity RF, and the flexible Explorer range, we offer a unique combination of dependability, efficiency, and choice.

Is there a Portable Fridge Freezer that suits my specific outdoor plans?

You bet! Whether you're planning a family camping trip, seeking a bit of luxury with the Infinity RF, or aiming to conquer diverse terrains with the Explorer, our broad range ensures there’s a fridge freezer that's right up your alley.

What size options are on offer?

We've got a size for every occasion—from compact 47L units for solo or duo trips to roomy 110L models for family adventures. Choose from our Down Under, Infinity RF, or Explorer series to find your perfect match.

How energy-efficient are these fridge freezers?

We've put a strong focus on energy efficiency across our lineup. Features like Economy (Eco) compressor speed and zone-off options, combined with top-quality insulation, ensure you can relish your outdoor activities without fretting over battery drain.

Are these fridge freezers easy to maintain and service?

Absolutely, durability and ease of care are in our DNA. And if you ever need a hand, our in-house service centre is geared up to provide top-tier maintenance and repair. Because we believe your time is better spent planning your next adventure than worrying about appliance upkeep.

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