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150A EvaPower Precision Watt Meter

Versatile Monitoring, Anderson-Style Plugs, Adventure-Ready

$39.20 $49.00

EvaKool Australia  |  SKU: EKPWR-WATT

Take control of your 12V system with the EvaPower 150A High Precision Watt Meter. This indispensable device is a must-have for anyone looking to monitor their power consumption or solar panel output. Whether you're tracking the energy use of your fridge or assessing how much power is being replenished into your battery, this versatile watt meter has you covered. Designed specifically for caravan, camping, 4WD, and dual battery systems, and equipped with Anderson-style plugs, the EvaPower 150A Precision Watt Meter is the ultimate addition to your 12V toolkit, ensuring you stay informed and efficient on all your adventures.


  • Real time readings and diagnostics
  • Anderson-style connectors for a plug & play operation
  • Measure load draw or solar charge
  • Blue backlit digital display
  • Super low power draw (0.007mA/hr)

What your Watt Meter can tell you:
  • Current (Amps/A) at the present moment
  • Voltage (Volts/V) at the present moment
  • Power (Watts/W) at the present moment
  • Total Amps (Amp hours/Ah) since device initialized
  • Total Power (Kilo Watt hours/KWh) since device initialized
  • Highest Voltage Maximum (Vm) since device initialized
  • Highest Power Peak (Watt Peak/Wp) since device initialized
  • Highest Current Peak (Amp Peak/Ap) since device initialized

Please note, this product does not have a long term memory and is not designed to be permanently installed in-line in your 12V system. 


Operating Voltage: 0-60V DC
Current: 0-100A Intermittent (50A Continuous)
Temperature Range: 0-50C Ambient Air Temp
Measurement Update Period: 400mS
Data Queue Sequence Time: 400mS
In Circuit Resistance: 0.001 Ohms


  • Dimensions

    43mm x 84mm x 25mm (LxWxH)

  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Weight


What's in the box

150A EvaPower Precision Watt Meter - EvaKool Australia
EvaKool Australia

150A EvaPower Precision Watt Meter


Watt Meter

$39.20 $49.00

Capacity (Litres)


Dimensions (Incl. Handles)

43mm x 84mm x 25mm (LxWxH)





Temperature Range


Power Consumption



1 Year
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