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Upright Fridge Freezers

Craving the comforts of home while on the road? Look no further than EvaKool's Upright Fridge Freezers. Tailored for caravan nomads, 4x4 road warriors, and outdoor enthusiasts, these units are made to weather Australia's rugged landscapes. Each fridge/freezer is built for efficiency and reliability, so you can focus more on the journey and less on keeping your tucker cool.

With individual freezer compartments and lockable doors, these beauties offer a proper, home-like fridge experience, even when you're miles from civilisation. Designed with cleanliness and convenience in mind, the internal walls are a breeze to clean, and the adjustable shelves and fruit/veggie crispers make organisation a walk in the park.

But what about power? No worries! These units are as quiet as a bush night and stingy on the juice, thanks to energy-efficient tech and features like low voltage protection and self-diagnostic fault systems. So you can keep your adventure going without fretting about your battery running flat in the middle of nowhere.

Go on, add some homey luxury to your travels and let EvaKool's Upright Fridge Freezers make your next adventure a chilled-out experience.

Frequently Asked Questions: Upright Fridge Freezers

Are these Upright Fridge Freezers really cut out for life on the road with a caravan or 4x4?

You betcha! Our Upright Fridge Freezers are engineered specifically for the caravan life, 4x4 adventures, and anyone rolling around with a camping trailer. They're built tough to withstand Australian conditions, so you can trust them to keep your tucker cold and fresh, no matter where you're headed.

How do these units keep my grub organised and fresh while I'm exploring the great Aussie outdoors?

Our Upright Fridge Freezers come with the works: separate freezer compartments, adjustable shelves, and crispers for your fruits and veggies. Plus, the doors have locks to keep everything secure while you're tackling those rough bush tracks. It's basically like having your home fridge, but designed for the road.

What's the story with energy efficiency? I don't want to drain my battery in the middle of Woop Woop.

No dramas there! These units are kitted out with the latest cooling technology, so they're efficient on power without sacrificing performance. Plus, they operate quietly so you can enjoy the serenity of your surroundings without a constant humming in the background.

Voltage fluctuations and faults can be a real headache. How does EvaKool tackle this?

We've got you covered. Our Upright Fridge Freezers come with built-in low voltage protection and self-diagnostic fault systems. This means if the voltage starts acting up, or if the unit senses a problem, you'll know about it straight away—allowing you to fix it and get back to enjoying your adventure.

How much of a hassle is cleaning and maintenance?

Trust us, we've kept it straightforward. The internal walls are easy to clean, and the design is low-maintenance. A quick wipe-down is usually all you need, so you can get back to what matters most: enjoying your time in the great outdoors.

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