Fibreglass Iceboxes

Whether you're planning a fishing expedition or a getaway into the Aussie wilderness, EvaKool's fibreglass iceboxes have got you sorted. Built tough and favoured by fishermen and outdoor lovers across Australia, these coolers are your go-to for keeping your catch and drinks ice-cold. Our fibreglass iceboxes pack a punch when it comes to insulation, holding onto ice for up to 15 days. We've got a range of sizes, too, from nifty 30L boxes for a quick day trip to hefty 200L units for when you're in it for the long haul. Designed and crafted locally, they're built to stand up to the Aussie sun, salt, and surf without rusting or corroding. So why wait? Grab an EvaKool fibreglass icebox and take your outdoor adventures to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Fibreglass Iceboxes

How long can these fibreglass iceboxes keep ice frozen?

Crikey, up to 15 days! Thanks to top-notch insulation, our iceboxes can keep your ice frozen and your drinks or catch icy cold for an extended period. Perfect for those multi-day fishing trips or extended outback adventures.

Are the iceboxes designed to endure Australian weather conditions?

You betcha! Engineered with our tough Aussie conditions in mind, these iceboxes are made from quality materials that won't rust or corrode. They'll take on anything from the blazing sun to salty sea air without breaking a sweat.

What sizes are available in the fibreglass icebox collection?

We've got all your needs covered—from compact 30L units for solo outings up to spacious 200L models for when you're bringing the whole crew. There's something for every adventurer in our collection.

How easy are the iceboxes to clean and transport?

Piece of cake, mate! The interior is designed for quick and easy cleaning, and the ergonomic handles make these iceboxes a cinch to carry. Whether you're off fishing or having a picnic, you can focus on the fun, not the fuss.

Are these iceboxes suitable for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts?

Absolutely! These iceboxes are a top pick among Aussie anglers and outdoor buffs. With long-lasting ice retention and sturdy build, they're ideal for keeping your catch fresh or your bevvies cool, no matter where your adventures take you.

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