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Top Questions

How can I contact EvaKool?

Phone our team on 1300 EVKOOL between 8am-5pm Queensland time, or via email, live chat or our contact us form.

Where is my order?

You can check your order status by logging into your account. If your order has been shipped, you can track it through the Shipping Confirmation email you would have received. If you're still having troubles, please reach out to our customer service team.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

If you receive a product that is damaged or shows physical faults, please contact EvaKool as soon as possible on 1300 EVKOOL or by email at

When reaching out, please be sure to include:

  • Your order number
  • Your contact information (name, email, and phone number)
  • Pictures of the damage or fault
  • If the damage or fault is due to transit, pictures of packaging

The EvaKool team strives to process all warranty claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where can I buy an EvaKool product?

You can purchase our products from our headquarters showroom in Caloundra, QLD, online or through one of our Australian dealers - see our store locator.

Are EvaKool products Australian made?

All of EvaKool's Down Under and Infinity RF fridge/freezers are Made in Australia and have been awarded the iconic 'Australian Made, Australian Grown' logo featuring the yellow kangaroo a green background.

Our Platinum Uprights & Single Drawers are assembled and commisioned in Australia from imported components.

Our Infinity fibreglass iceboxes are handmade in the Philippines and assembled and commisioned in Australia, while our IceKool series iceboxes are made in the Philippines and India.

For over 30 years we have been designing, building and assembling our fridges, freezers and iceboxes on the Sunshine Coast and we a very proud of it!


What is EvaKool's Shipping & Returns Policy?

EvaKool ships all orders over $250 with free freight* this excludes those in rural or regional areas. EvaKool has a 30-day change of mind returns policy. If you have further questions regarding shipping or returns, please contact us.

How can I check the status of my order?

To track the status of your order, simply log into your account where the details will be available. Alternatively, you will find your tracking details in the Shipping Confirmation email you received when your order was dispatched.

Will I be notified with a tracking number when my order ships?

Yes, an email will automatically be sent to you with the tracking number when your package is scanned by our shipping provider. For further assistance, you can email our customer service team at

I can't find the product I'm looking for on the EvaKool website. What should I do?

If you can't locate a specific product, please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to assist you.

Where can I buy EvaKool products?

We have an extensive network of dealers throughout Australia. You can find a dealer near you using our Store Finder tool.


How long can EvaKool iceboxes hold ice and what do you recommend?

To get the most out of your icebox, use blocks of ice or frozen bottles of water rather than crushed/party ice as they last significantly longer. If possible we also recommend a 2:1 ratio of ice to product.

Dry ice can be used however it must be wrapped to avoid contact with the icebox walls as it can damage them.

We also recommend keeping your icebox shut whenever possible and try pre-cooling your icebox for a few hours before final loading.

The temperature outside your icebox has a big impact as does any sunshine on the box.

In optimal conditions, our premium Infinity Fibreglass Iceboxes can hold ice for more than 10 days, while 7 days is achievable with our iconic blue IceKool Iceboxes.

What can I use to clean my icebox?

We recommend using warm soapy water to clean your icebox. Do not use chemical cleaners or solvents as these can affect the lining of the icebox.


What temperature should I set my fridge/freezer to? 

As a general guide, if you are using your EvaKool as a fridge it should be set between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. If using it as a freezer, particularly if you want to freeze a non frozen product we recommend setting it at -16 degrees Celsius or below.   

In the case of Infinity Series Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer or Fridgemate models, if using as a fridge/freezer combo, set the display temperature to your desired freezer temperature. The 'fridge' side (on the other side of the removable divider) will approximately 16 degrees warmer (depending on the positioning of the divider). 

How long should it take my EvaKool fridge/freezer to cool down? 

The amount of time it takes your EvaKool fridge to get to temperature depends on how much product is inside, what temperature it is set to and whether or not the product inside is already cold/cool rather than warm. EvaKool recommends loading your fridge with pre-chilled products whenever possible to reduce power consumption.

If your EvaKool fridge is empty it should get down to temperature within a couple hours.

How often should I use my fridge? Is it ok to leave it off when not in use? 

You can use your EvaKool fridge as much as you'd like!

As compressor driven fridges, EvaKools do benefit from being used in the same way a car engine benefits from being regularly used and not left alone for long periods of time.

How can I power my fridge? 

All EvaKool fridges operate on 12V and 24V direct current systems via their built-in Anderson plugs.

EvaKool also supplies a 240V adapter for use on mains power and a cigarette adaptor (not recommended for regular usage due to generally poor connection quality).

We've provided these options to allow you the convenience of running your EvaKool fridge in your car or caravan, off a battery or off normal power at home. 

It’s preferable to cool your fridge down on 240V before switching it to 12V as your fridge will draw the most power while it’s cooling down and trying to achieve a temperature from OFF. When switching between power sources allow a few minutes for the electronics to reset before plugging into the new power source.

Do I need to have my fridge on a level surface for it to operate?

No, EvaKool fridges will happily operate up to angles of 30 degrees. We do recommend keeping them as level as possible however so they do not have to work as hard. If you are expecting to take them on extremely rough roads it is also recommended to put a sheet of foam under the base for protection from bouncing and rough jolts.

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