Explorer Series

Get ready to redefine adventure with EvaKool's Explorer Series camping fridge/freezer. Built tougher than a Wallabies scrum, these fridge/freezers can tackle anything from the humid coastlines to the scorching outback. Perfect for every thrill-seeker, they come loaded with high-efficiency features like a Secop compressor and roll bond evaporator. Planning a trip to the Cape York Ranges? Or maybe dune-hopping at Double Island? Wherever you're headed, enjoy the luxury of home-cooked meals and cold drinks without a care in the world about energy efficiency. Offering storage from 47L to 75L, and kitted out with Aussie essentials like an Anderson-style plug and internal LED lighting, the Explorer Series is the ultimate off-road companion. And with optional extras like an insulated protective cover or tie-down straps, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife of cooling solutions. Trust in EvaKool's Explorer Series—you won't want to leave home without it.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Explorer Series

Why's the Explorer Series up for Australia's wild weather?

Engineered with premium materials and a top-of-the-line refrigeration system, the Explorer Series laughs in the face of Australia's extreme conditions. A Secop compressor and roll bond evaporator keep it working like a charm, whether you're enduring the sizzle of the Outback or the humidity of the tropics.

What kind of storage options are we talking about here?

Take your pick from 47L to 75L of storage, tailored to fit your adventuring style. Whether it's a romantic weekend getaway on the Sunshine Coast or a full-blown exploration of Fraser Island, this range has you covered.

How does the Explorer Series keep the power consumption down?

With a high-efficiency Secop compressor and roll bond evaporator, you can keep your tinnies cold without worrying about your battery levels. It’s like having an eco-warrior on your camping team.

What kind of bells and whistles come with it?

You can level up your Explorer Series with an insulated protective cover, a watt meter, or tie-down straps. It’s all designed to make your adventure as smooth as a Moreton Bay sunset.

Why should the Explorer Series be my go-to for outdoor shenanigans?

The Explorer Series is the full package, mate—Australian-made, sturdy as a Noosa surfboard, and versatile enough for any type of expedition. With EvaKool, you're not just buying a fridge; you're investing in decades of Aussie know-how and quality. So go on, seize the day and explore everything this great country has to offer—with the Explorer Series by your side, you can't go wrong.

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