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Platinum Upright Series

Take your next caravan or 4WD journey to a whole new level of convenience with EvaKool's Platinum Upright Fridge/Freezer. Specially crafted for those who roam in caravans and 4x4s, this rugged yet elegant upright unit is tailored to meet Australia's harsh conditions. Powered by the trusted Secop Compressor, you'll enjoy whisper-quiet and efficient cooling, all while your food stays put thanks to a lockable door. Whether you're discovering the mysteries of the outback or beachside camping, the Platinum Upright Series boasts a separate freezer section, flip-around doors, and a spick-and-span, easy-to-clean interior, making it effortless to manage your food storage. Additional features like a crisper for your fruits and veggies, door compartments, and built-in lighting mean you won't have to miss the comforts of your home kitchen. For those who love the excitement of the great outdoors but still crave homey conveniences, the Platinum Upright Series by EvaKool is your perfect match.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Platinum Upright Series

How does the Platinum Upright Series seamlessly fit into caravans, 4x4s, and camping trailers?

Engineered to be the ideal fit for caravans, 4x4s, and camping trailers, the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer features a robust design, interchangeable doors, and a size that easily integrates into different layouts, guaranteeing it'll suit your outdoor needs perfectly.

Can the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer endure the rugged conditions of a 4WD expedition?

Sure can! Crafted to withstand the tough Aussie landscape, the Platinum Upright Series comes with a lockable door and a solid construction, making sure your supplies are safe and sound even when you're tackling those rocky 4WD trails.

What perks make the Platinum Upright Series a top choice for long-haul caravan trips?

Tailor-made for caravan buffs, the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer offers all the mod-cons like a dedicated freezer area, fruit and veggie crisper, door storage, and built-in lighting, essentially bringing your home kitchen's conveniences with you on the road. Its energy-smart cooling and hassle-free cleaning make it a top choice for those epic caravan adventures.

How does the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer elevate the experience of camping trailer excursions?

The Platinum Upright Series adds a dash of luxury to your trailer trips. Its sanitary, easy-to-clean internals and effective cooling system make sure your food and bevvies stay fresh, while its lockable door and rugged construction provide added security and resilience.

Is the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer an energy-smart option for extended trips in a caravan, 4x4, or camping trailer?

You betcha! Fitted with the reputable Secop Compressor, the Platinum Upright Fridge Freezer provides both quiet and efficient cooling. It's the go-to choice for those extended trips in your caravan, 4x4, or camping trailer, delivering consistent performance without draining your energy resources.

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